The new Meucci Black Dot Bullseye Flat-Laminated Performance Cue Shaft is made from, not 6, not 8, not 10 or 12 separate pieces, but 35 flat Northern Hard Rock Maple laminations, the same as a tree normally grows. Radial Consistency of this shaft is equal to Natural Hard Maple or any of the pie laminated shafts presently on the market. The less than 2% spine differential of this shaft is marked with our Black Dot Bullseye for those of you who can detect slight nuances and play to this extremely high level. The end result: The most consistent, hi tech, greatest performing cue shaft in the world today, unequalled by all other products. This fact is being proven at every amateur event and trade show across the USA. These new shafts out perform all other competitors’ shafts by a minimum margin of 50% less deflection, with increased power as a bonus. Nothing can compare with what the new consistent Black Dot Bullseye Flat-Laminated shaft will do for your game. For the first time in history, you can now have a matched set of shafts that play exactly the same.


Meucci was the first cue where deflection was considered and written about as far back as 1976 in our "Join the Revolution" brochure. Studies were done with a 1,000 frames per second Millikan High Speed Camera, which reduced the actual speed of the stroke and resulting flight of the cue ball by nearly 42 times. Now, (34 years later) after testing many different shafts with the Myth Destroyer Robot and multiple technologies from all other companies, Meucci is now launching (unquestionably) the lowest deflection shaft ever created anywhere by anyone. The new Meucci Pro Series shaft is now standard with all Pro-Series Cues #1 through #6 and is available for any other Meucci or BMC series cues. It has a thru to the tip, half inch hydraulic ferrule, and is available for all cues if you want to take your game to the highest level possible. Unlike all other quote “high performance” shafts. This shaft is as low effective deflection as the Z2 by Predator but is a full 12.5 millimeters with a full 14” Pro Taper like all standard Meucci cues and all other brand copies of the Meucci Taper. According to many top players who have tested this shaft “it is the best playing cue I’ve ever hit a ball with” This shaft is available in either a solid piece of hard rock maple, for those of you who want to move the balance back in your cue; or in a 37 piece flat laminated shaft for a more forward balance. In other words between 18” and 20” from the butt of your cue depending on the materials used in your specific butt of your cue design.

Meucci Pro Shaft
MSRP Price: $275.00

The Meucci Black Dot Bullseye Performance Cue Shaft is the most consistent, hi tech, performance cue shaft in the world. The Black Dot is made from 39 flat Northern Hard Rock Maple laminations. Radial Consistency is equal to Natural Hard Maple or any of the “Pie” laminated shafts currently on the market. Every Black Dot Shaft plays exactly the same whether you have 2, 3, 4, or more shafts with your cue. Unmatched by any other shaft

Meucci Black Dot Bullseye Shaft
MSRP For Meucci Cue: $200.00
MSRP For Any Other Cue: $210.00

The Red Dot shaft guarantees you perfect positioning for consistent and predictable results when shooting with high, low, left or right english or any combination thereof when the red dot faces up. In fact, we have so reduced effective cue ball deflection, that we can now boldly guarantee that your new Meucci Red Dot Shaft will reduce effective deflection by an average of at least 20% over the best of any competitor’s standard brand of the same diameter or your money back!

Meucci Red Dot Shaft
MSRP For Meucci Cue: $200.00
MSRP For Any Other Cue: $210.00

The Meucci Classic is the shaft that was used by over 70% of the players on the Pro Tour between 1975 and 1996. Although the deflection is slightly higher than that of the Black Dot, Red Dot, and Ultimate Weapon shafts, its “one piece” design affords the ability to Masse` or jump full table, as well as increasing english with less effort and less deflection than most custom shafts manufactured today.

Meucci No Dot Classic Shaft
MSRP For Meucci Cue: $192.00
MSRP For Any Other Cue: $202.00

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