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The Pro Shaft

The Pro Shaft

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The Meucci Pro Series shaft is now standard with most Meucci or BMC series cues. It has a thru to the tip, half inch polycarbonate ferrule, and is available for all cues if you want to take your game to the next level. Unlike other “high performance” shafts, this shaft has low effective deflection and is a full 12.5 millimeters with a full 14” Pro Taper like all standard Meucci Cues.

According to many top players who have tested this shaft “it is the best playing cue I’ve ever hit a ball with”. The Meucci Pro Series shaft is constructed from a single solid piece of hard rock maple. If you are trying to enhance your skills on the table, this remarkable shaft is the perfect tool for the job.


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Product Specifications

Shaft: The Pro (Length: 29" / Diameter: 12.5mm)
Tip: Ultraskin Black - Medium
Ferrule: 0.5" Polycarbonate
Insert: 5/16x18