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"Kielwood" Pro Shaft

"Kielwood" Pro Shaft

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The Meucci "Kielwood" Pro shaft is crafted from hard Maple that has gone through the torrefaction process and offers superior strength. It gives a stiffer hit than our standard Pro shaft.

The "Kielwood" Pro shaft features Meucci's signature low-deflection technology, allowing for greater accuracy and precision in your shots.

This shaft is compatible with most Meucci pool cues and is perfect for players looking to upgrade their current cue. Whether you're a professional player or a serious amateur, the Meucci Kielwood Pro shaft is sure to help you elevate your game and take your shots to the next level.

*The color of the shaft naturally occurs as the wood is roasted and will vary by shaft.


Custom orders may take 2-4 weeks to fulfill

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Product Specifications

Shaft: Kielwood Pro Shaft (Length: 29" / Diameter: 12.5mm)
Tip: Ultraskin Black - Medium
Ferrule: 0.5" Polycarbonate
Insert: 5/16x18