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21st Century 5

21st Century 5

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This Meucci 21st Century 5 cue starts with a birdseye or curly maple forearm. It has three unique band designs that divide the forearm into three pieces, and another at the joint. They each consist of 24 red veneer squares set in an imitation ivory background surrounded with aluminum and black rings on either side of each band. The two bands in the forearm have three points passing under the bands, and three points passing over the bands with red wooden veneer diamonds surrounded with aluminum inlaid in nine places in the black points.

Three diamonds pass under the butt sleeve band, and three diamonds pass over the butt sleeve band, all diamonds inlaid with red maple veneer surrounded by aluminum, and set on a black background.

To complete this fine design, the cue is wrapped with a urethane-coated wrap that has a half-inch of red and black-spot linen at either end of the wrap, and solid black in the middle.

*This model does not bear the Meucci logo


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Product Specifications

Shaft: The Pro (Length: 29" / Diameter: 12.5mm)
Tip: Ultraskin Black - Medium
Ferrule: 0.5" Polycarbonate
Pin: 5/16x18
Forearm: Birdseye Maple
Wrap Style: Coated
Bumper: Push-in rubber bumper
Weight: 19.0 oz (Everlock system is adjustable between 18 oz - 20 oz)