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97-15 Meucci Cue

97-15 Meucci Cue

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This 97-15 Meucci Cue is an excellent choice for serious players, combining superior craftsmanship with world-class design. Its black collar and forearm feature vertical pearlized plastic lines to make a stylish ring, while its sleeve is finished with an ebony-colored butt and four red-bordered windows. The intricate pearlized plastic inlays and two pearlized plastic dots in each point make this cue an elegant addition to any game room.


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Product Specifications

Shaft: The Pro (Length: 29" / Diameter: 12.5mm)
Tip: Ultraskin Black - Medium
Ferrule: 0.5" Polycarbonate
Pin: 5/16x18
Forearm: Curly Maple
Wrap Style: Coated
Bumper: Push-in rubber bumper
Weight: 19.0 oz (Everlock system is adjustable between 18 oz - 20 oz)