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BMC Pro Series 16

BMC Pro Series 16

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The BMC Pro Series 16 is a cue crafted with the utmost precision and care. It features African Padauk wood in the forearm, 8 points with 4 imitation ivory and 4 ebony-colored points, and 3 mother of pearl diamonds inside the black points. The joint is designed with 4 aluminum rings alternating with 5 ebony-colored rings with a modified 3/8x10 pin, and the sleeve has 8 reversed points coming down from the wrap, with a pattern of alternating ivory and ebony-colored plastic and 3 MOP diamonds. This beautifully crafted cue is perfect for any player looking for a high-quality piece of equipment.


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Product Specifications

Shaft: The Pro (Length: 29" / Diameter: 12.5mm)
Tip: Ultraskin Black - Medium
Ferrule: 0.5" Polycarbonate
Pin: 3/8x10
Forearm: African Padauk (Vermillion)
Wrap Style: Coated
Bumper: Push-in rubber bumper
Weight: 19.0 oz (Everlock system is adjustable between 18 oz - 20 oz)